SyntheSys Research BSA12500B BERTScope Error Analyzer

Sell used SyntheSys Research BSA12500B BERTScope 12.5Gb/s Pattern Generator Error Analyzer.

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The SyntheSys Research BSA12500B BERTScope has needed to perform receiver compliance testing, transmitter compliance testing, and advanced analysis. Featuring easy and flexible stress testing, physical layer analysis such as BER Contour and Jitter measurements, and a Compliance Contour view for Mask Test, it represents a breakthrough in insight and saved development time. Compliance Contour is a bridge between BER and mask testing, needed because of the requirements of standards such as OIF CEI and XFP/XFI. These new standards require compliance to masks at BER levels of 10-12, a feat beyond the capabilities of a sampling oscilloscope. BERTScope bridges the gap between eye diagram analysis with BER pattern generation. Finally, bit error ratio detection can be performed quickly, accurately, and thoroughly. BERTScope samples data and enables you to easily isolate problematic bit and pattern sequences. Seven types of advanced error analysis are built into one robust solution for unprecedented statistical measurement depth. For serial data applications, the new model BERTScopes provide great flexibility in clocking. This includes many new clock divide ratios, in addition to the ability to add stress to an external clock - even one with spread spectrum clocking imposed on it. Jitter tolerance testing is now a snap with onboard template testing. It all adds up to an even smarter way of getting your job done the fastest way possible.

Specifications of the BSA12500B BERTScope include:
Comprehensive range of differential divided clock outputs for supplying test devices with an instrument grade clock
External clock input upgraded to allow imposition of stress
Stressing of external Spread Spectrum Clock (SSC)
Analysis (using clock recovery if desired) of signals with SSC
Analysis of physical layer parameters such as eye diagrams and jitter while input signal has SCC on it
BER measurements down to 100 Mb/s, operable with the internal clock or an external clock
Variable depth eye and mask measurements
Active measurement and graphing of BERTScope clock recovery loop bandwidth and peaking
Jitter tolerance compliance template testing with margin testing
Analyser with greater than 20 GHz bandwidth for superior jitter, Q-factor, and eye measurement accuracy and fidelity

Additional features of BERTScope Stressed Analyzers:
High Speed BER Measurements
Integrated, Calibrated Stress Generation

  • Sinusoidal Jitter to 80 MHz
  • Random Jitter
  • Bounded Uncorrelated Jitter
  • Sinusoidal Interference

Electrical Stressed Eye Testing for:

  • Fibre Channel
  • Serial ATA I/O

Optical Stressed Eye Testing for:

  • 10 Gb Ethernet
  • 1, 2, 4, 8x Fibre Channel
  • 1 Gb Ethernet

Integrated Eye Diagram Analysis with BER Correlation
Physical Layer Test Suite with Mask Testing, Jitter Peak, BER Contour, and Q-Factor Analysis
Compliant Contour Test for Mask Performance Evaluation to BER 10-12, as called for by latest standards including XFP/XFI and OIF-CEI
BitAlyzer Error Location Analysis

  • Pattern Sensitivity Analysis
  • Error Free Interval Analysis for periodic jitter identification

SyntheSys Research BSA12500B comes with the following options:

  • ECC - Forward Error Correction Analyzer
  • MAP - Error Mapping Analysis SW
  • PL - Add Physical Layer Test Suite SW
  • SE - Stressed Eye SW
  • JTOL - Add Jitter Tolerance Templates SW (included in STR)
  • J-MAP - Add Jitter Decomposition SW

 SyntheSys Research BSA12500B has been tested and full working. Additional calibration may be available upon request.


  • SyntheSys Research BSA12500B
  • Power cord
  • Manual on CD


BERTScope BSA12500B Datasheet