IMPULSE PinPointR GPR Utility Locator

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The PinPointR is a dedicated Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) utility locator instrument, designed to maximize your in-field productivity and decision-making capabilities. Utilizing our proprietary real-time sampling (RTS)based antenna technology, the PinPointR delivers incredible bandwidth and resolution, without speed restrictions, all controlled wirelessly via an intuitive Android-driven user interface.

To maximize in-fieldproductivity, the PinPointR includes the features and functionality you use day to day in real-world scenarios. Consequently, PinPointR offers complete flexibility for collecting either single line profiles, or multi-line projects with user-defined lengths and profiles pacing to suit actual site conditions and your specific utility locate objectives.

View Point Android App
ViewPoint data acquisition App includes industry standard marker functionality to enable users to mark-up data in the field to correlate with the actual paint marks they put on the ground and any subsequent field sketches or report outputs.

Cross Point Visualisation Software
PinPointR data files are compatible with CrossPoint
software for Windows-based processing, interpretation, and analysis of GPR data. The user-friendly interface provides practical tools for filter assignment, data processing, marking points of interest within radar profiles,visualizing markers on support maps, and exporting markers for geo-referencing with insuitable CAD/GIS platforms.

Features and advatages:

  • Impulse Radar Real-Time Sampling (RTS) based antenna technology
    Quick,clear and dependable locates to maximise in-field productivity and decision making
  • Dual channel operation 400MHz (LF) and 800MHz (HF)
    One-pass locates with full depth range improves locating efficiency and decision making
  • Wireless data acquisition
    No cables to belost or broken which simplifies set-up and in-field productivity, and minimises operational servicing costs
  • Android-driven user interface
    Flexibility in choice of acquisition device
  • 7-hour battery life
    Low power consumption to extend working time
  • Internal GPS
    Geo-referenced data as standard
  • Supports external GPS
    Compatible with DGPS or RTK-GPS for higher accuracy geo-referencing for mapping/reporting purposes
  • Automatic utility report generation
    Simplifies report generation and proves site visit for job/ticket sign-off

ImpulseRadar PinPointR Specifications:

Technology ImpulseRadar real-time sampling
Antenna type PinPointR dual-channel
Centre frequency CH-1: 400 MHz (LF) / CH-2: 800 MHz (HF)
Channel activation CH-1 & CH-2 (LF & HF)
Signal to noise ratio (SNR) >100 dB
Significant/useful number of bits >16 bit
Scans/second >800
Survey speed > 130 km/h @ 5 cm point interval
Time window 388 ns (LF) / 194 ns (HF)
Bandwidth >120%, fractional, -10 dB
Acquisition mode Wheel
Positioning Wheel encoder, internal DGPS, external GPS (NMEA 0183 protocol)
Power supply 12 V Li-Ion rechargeable battery, or ext. 12 V DC source (optional)
Power consumption 1.3 A
Operating time 7 hours
Operating temperature -20° to +50°C
Environmental IP65
Regulatory certification CE, FCC & IC approved
Display 720 x 1280 pixel or better
Operating system Android™ (>ver. 6 Marshmallow) or later
Memory 2.7 GB SDRAM or better
Processor Intel Atom x5-Z8550, Quad-core 2.3 GHz Krait 400 or better
Recommendation Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro (or equivalent)
Dimensions (folded for transport) 840 x 530 x 360 mm
Dimensions (when in use) 1030 x 530 x 1020 mm
Wheels 4 x Ø297 mm x 48 mm (width)
Weight 12 kg (Cart only), 19.8 kg (Cart, Antenna & display)