Innova 1312 Photoacoustic Multi Gas Monitor Analyzer

Sell used Innova 1312 Photoacoustic Multi Gas Monitor / Analyzer with 6 filters installed. Tested and working, 30-day return / warranty available.

Condition: Used

The 1312 must not be placed in areas with flammable gases/vapours in explosive concentrations, or be used to monitor explosive concentrations of these. Also, monitoring of certain aggressive gases, or a very high concentration of water vapour, could damage the 1312. Ask your local Innova representative for further information.
All terms relating to gas analysis are in accordance with the definitions set out in the ISO International Standard 8158.
Your local Innova representative will assist in the selection of suitable optical filters. Details are provided in the “Optical Filters” Product Data Sheet and the Gas Detection Limits wall-chart.

The 1312 Photoacoustic Multi-gas Monitor is a highly accurate, reliable and stable quantitative gas monitoring system. Its measurement principle is based on the photoacoustic infrared detection method. This means that the 1312 can measure almost any gas which absorbs infra-red light. Appropriate optical filters (up to 5) are installed in the 1312’s filter carousel so that it can selectively measure the concentration of up to 5 component gases and water vapour in any air sample. The 1312’s detection limit is gas-dependent, but typically in the ppb region.

Reliability of measurement results can be ensured by regular self-tests which the 1312 performs. Accuracy is ensured by the 1312’s ability to compensate any measurement for temperature fluctuations, water-vapour interference and interference from other gases known to be present.

The monitoring system is easily operated via a PC, or via the front-panel push-buttons when using a stand-alone instrument configuration. Short explanatory text guide the user through each operating procedure. Therefore,no special training is required to operate the 1312.

The 1312PC software enables the user to calibrate the monitor and load the user-defined measurement setups prior to monitoring.
During a monitoring task, real-time measurement data is presented on screen as both graphs and tables, and the data is stored in
named databases. When a monitoring task is completed, the 1312PC software can assist in analysing the data. The measurement data
stored in the databases is easily accessible, and can be displayed on screen, printed out, and exported to other spreadsheet, database and word processor programs when required. If a stand-alone configuration is required, the monitor can be operated using the front panel push-keys. The measurement results are stored in the monitor’s memory, and can be uploaded to the PC or printed at a later stage.
The 1312 has a sturdy, dust-proof casing to protect its components. It is portable, and requires no warm-up time or re-calibration after moving — making it ideal for short-term monitoring of air samples drawn from its immediate environment. For long-term monitoring, the 1312 is placed indoors and collects air samples for analysis, via tubing, from points up to 50m away.


Quantitative analysis of up to 5 components and water vapour in gas mixtures.
Occupational health and safety measurements.
Indoor air-quality and ventilation measurements.
Detection of accidental releases of gases/vapours.
Presentation of measurement data in spreadsheet, database and word processing programs.
Selectively measures a wide range of gases/vapours.
Linear response over a wide dynamic range.
Extremely reliable due to self-testing procedures.
High stability (low drift) makes calibration only necessary about four times a year
User-friendly procedures for calibrating the monitor, presenting and analysing measurement data via the PC user-interface.
Accurate — compensates for temperature fluctuations, water-vapour interference and interference from other known gases.
Seven Sample Integration Times to choose from — to optimize the measurement system, providing faster response times or lower detection limits.
Extremely low-volume flushing possible.
Operates immediately — no warm-up time necessary.
Collects samples from points up to 50m away.
Presents measurement data both in tabular and graphic formats – up to 6 gas concentration graphs displayed, simultaneously.
Uses Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) — enabling measurement data to be used in other programs.
Operates also as stand-alone instrument.
Monitor can be used with one/two 1303 Multipoint Doser and Sampler units + additional PC software for ventilation efficiency measurements.



(Including chamber flushing) is dependent on the sample integration time (S.I.T.) and the flushing time defined. The fastest response time for one gas is 13 s and for 5 gases and water vapour 40 s.


Detection Limit: gas-dependent, but using the “Gas Detection Limits” wall-chart, the limits can be calculated.

Dynamic Range: five orders of magnitude (i.e. upper limit = 100000 times the detection limit). To measure over this wide dynamic range, span-calibration must be performed with two different gas concentrations.


mg/m3, g/m3, µ/m3 ppm, vol%, ppb
ACCURACY Zero Drift: Typically ± Detection limit per 3 months.
Influence of temperature: ±10% of detection limit/°C.
Influence of pressure: ±0.5% of detection limit/mbar.

Repeatability: 1% of measured value.

Range Drift: ± 2.5% of measured value per 3 months.
Influence of temperature: ± 0.3% of measured value/°C.

Influence of pressure: − 0.01% of measured value/mbar.

Reference conditions:

  • Measured at 20°C, 1013 mbar, and relative humidity (RH): 60%.
  • Measured at 1013 mbar, and RH: 60%.
  • Measured at 20°C and RH: 60%.
  • Measured detection limit is @5s S.I.T.


INTERFERENCE The 1312 automatically compensates for temperature fluctuations in its analysis cell, and can compensate for water vapour in the air sample. If an optical filter is installed to measure a known interferent, the 1312 can cross-compensate for the interferent.
DATA STORAGE CAPACITY (for stand-alone) Dependent on the number of gases being measured. Sufficient for a 12-day monitoring task, monitoring 5 gases and water vapour every 10 min.
GENERAL Maximum Pumping Rate: 30cm3 /s (flushing sampling tube) and 5cm3/s (flushing measurement chamber)

Power Requirement:
100 − 127V and 200 –240V
(50 – 400 Hz) ±10% AC. Complies with IEC536
Class 1 Safety Standards.

Power Consumption: ~100VA.

Alarm Relay Socket: for connection to one or two alarm relays (visual/audio). Alarm levels for each gas are user-defined.

Acoustic Sensitivity: not influenced by external sound.

Vibration Sensitivity: complies with IEC 682-6. Strong vibrations at 20Hz can affect the detection limit.

Back-up Battery: 3V lithium battery, life-time 5 years. This protects data stored in memory, and powers the internal clock.

COMMUNICATION The monitor has an IEEE 488 and an RS-232 interface, for data exchange and remote control of the 1312. The 1312PC communicates using the RS-232.

Computer Requirements:
A 486 (50MHz) processor or better.
Min. 16Mbytes of RAM.
Min. 40Mbytes of space available on the hard disk.
VGA monitor or better.
One RS–232 port.
Mouse (not included in the package)

Software: Windows 95
Dimensions (W x D x H) 395 x 300 x 175 mm
Weight 9 kg


  • Innova 1312 Photoacoustic Multi Gas Monitor
  • Filter A for HCl
  • Filter B for N2O
  • Filter C for C4H3F7O
  • Filter D for C2HCl3
  • Filter E for methane / TOC (total organic carbon)
  • Filter for water vapor / steam
  • CD software Gas Monitoring System VP9238, V 4.1
  • Manual
  • Cable