SPX Radiodetection RD8100 PDL Pipe Locator TX-10 Transmitter

Sale SPX RadioDetection RD8100 PDL Pipe Locator with TX-10 Transmitter, In working order, 3 Months warranty and 30 Days money back guarantee.

Condition: Used

Sale used In working order SPX RadioDetection RD8100 PDL Pipe Locator TX-10 Transmitter, comes with a 3 Months warranty and 30 Days money back guarantee.

Package includes:

  • RD8100 PDL Pipe Locator
  • Lithium-Ion battery packs for RD8100
  • Lithium-Ion battery chargers
  • Locator signal clamps
  • TX-10 Transmitter
  • Lithium-Ion Battery for TX-10
  • Automotive Power Lead
  • Direct Connection Lead
  • Transportation and storage accessories


Product Summary
Product Descriptions
  • Multi-purpose Precision Locator
  • Cable and Pipe Locator
  • Locate System Receiver
  • Multi-function Precision Locator
Intended Use
  • Locating the position / path of buried pipes and cables
  • Detecting and pinpointing insulation faults on buried pipes and cables
  • Creating survey records of buried pipes and cable locations
Standard Equipment
  • Locator
  • Quickstart guide
  • Mini USB 2.0 compliant data cable
Sensitivity 6E-15 Tesla
5µA at 1 meter (33kHz)
Dynamic range 140dB rms/√Hz
Selectivity 120dB/Hz
Depth measurement precision ± 3%
Locate accuracy ± 5% of depth
Active Locate filter bandwidth ± 3Hz, 0 < 1kHz
± 10Hz, ≥ 1kHz
Start-up time <1 second
Maximum depth readout
  • Metric: Cable / Pipe: 30m Sonde: 19.5m
  • Imperial: Cable / Pipe: 98' Sonde: 64
Locate Functions
Active Locate Modes
  • Peak
  • Peak+™ (choice of combined Peak & Guidance or Peak & Null)
  • Guidance
  • Broad Peak™
  • Null
Gain control
  • Guidance Mode: Automatic
  • Other modes: Manual gain using “+” or “-“ with one touch to return to center (50% of Full Scale)
Custom locate frequencies Up to 5 additional frequencies in the range 50Hz to 1kHz at 1Hz resolution
Active locate frequencies

Up to 24: Custom frequencies: 5, ELF (98/128Hz), 512Hz, 570Hz, 577Hz, 640Hz , 760Hz, 870Hz, 920Hz, 940Hz, 8kHz (8192Hz), 9.8kHz (9820Hz), 33kHz (32768Hz), 65kHz (65536Hz), 83kHz (83077Hz), 131kHz (131072Hz) and 200kHz (200000Hz)

Sonde Frequencies

4 Frequencies: 512Hz, 640Hz, 8kHz (8192Hz) and 33kHz (32768Hz)

Fault Find Locate insulation sheath faults on pipes and cables to 10cm / 4” accuracy using the accessory A-Frame and a compatible transmitter
  • 8kHz Fault Find
  • CD Fault Find
Current Direction™ (CD) Signal Pairs Confirm operator is following the target pipe or cable with CD arrows and a compatible transmitter
  • 256Hz / 512Hz
  • 285Hz / 570Hz
  • 320Hz / 640Hz
  • 380Hz / 760Hz
  • 460Hz / 920Hz
  • 4096Hz /8192Hz 4kCD
Passive Locate Modes
  • Power
  • Radio
  • CPS (Cathodic Protection System)
  • CATV (Cable TV)
  • Passive Avoidance (Combined Power + Radio)
Power Filters™ function Switch out of sensitive Power Mode to locate on any of 5 individual mains harmonic frequencies:
HARMONIC 50 Hz regions 60 Hz regions
Primary 50 Hz 60 Hz
3rd 150 Hz 180 Hz
5th 250 Hz 300 Hz
7th 350 Hz 420 Hz
9th 450 Hz 540 Hz
Information displayed
  • Signal strength - moving bar graph and numeric value
  • Mode indication (Peak, Null, Guidance, Broad Peak, Peak+ with option of Guidance arrows or Null arrows)
  • Line or Sonde locate type
  • Proportional left/right indication
  • Compass: full 360° line direction indicator
  • Accessories in use indication
  • Accessory specific custom screen
  • Depth and current readout (Line location)
  • Depth readout (Sonde location)
  • Gain level (in dB)
  • Frequency selected
  • Battery condition
  • Speaker volume
  • Operating frequency
  • Bluetooth status
  • GPS satellites in view (where fitted)
  • GPS status (where fitted)
  • Configuration menu and submenus
  • Software version
  • Last calibration date
  • Survey measurement counter
  • Current Direction mode indicator
  • Current Direction arrows
  • Fault Find mode indicator
  • Transmitter communication status
  • Transmitter standby status
  • StrikeAlert™ warning
  • Overload warning
Audio output tones
  • Power / Passive Avoidance / Radio modes: Real Sound™ derived from detected electromagnetic signal
  • Peak / Peak+ modes and CPS / CATV modes: Synthesized audio tone proportional to signal strength
  • Guidance mode: Continuous tone when locator is to the left of target, intermittent tone when to the right of target
  • Null mode: Synthesized Audio tone proportional to signal strength. Low pitch to left of target, high pitch to right of target
  • StrikeAlert audio warning: Audio feedback for menu navigation
Accessory locate functions
  • Locator clamps: Used to identify individual target cable(s) in a bundle or cabinet using signal strength read-out
  • Stethoscopes: Used to identify individual target cable(s) in a bundle or confined space such as a cabinet using signal strength read-out
  • CD / CM clamp: Used to measure locate current and to confirm target cable using Current Direction

Locate Function Enhancements

Strike Alert Audio and visual warning when a cable or pipe less than 30cm deep is detected. Operates in Active and Passive locating modes
Dynamic Overload Protection™ (40dB, automatic ) Automatically manages the system gain to compensate for strong signals e.g. from mains power or substations, to enable accurate locating
Current Direction™ (CD)
  • Measures the direction of current flowing in buried pipes or cables to ensure that an operator is able to identify and follow the target utility
  • Provides operator with arrows indicating the direction of current flowing in the located pipe or cable to confirm that they are following the target utility
  • Metric: Remote transmitter control from up to 450m away
  • Imperial: Remote transmitter control from up to 1400' away
  • Control transmitter frequency, power level and SideStep
Side Step
  • Enables locating where other signals are interfering, and without compromising the optimum locate frequency
  • Remotely shifts the locate and transmitter frequency by several Hz, out of the bandwidth of other locate signals that may be interfering with the locate
Simultaneous depth and current readout Both utility depth and locate signal current are displayed simultaneously, giving the operator more information to help them to follow the target utility
Survey Measurements
  • Store up to 1,000 survey points within the locator, and append GPS data from internal GPS (if fitted) or external GNSS sources over Bluetooth®
  • Export data immediately or as a batch over Bluetooth
Fault Find Apply a Fault Find signal with a Tx-5 and Tx-10 transmitter, then use an accessory A-Frame to detect and pinpoint insulation faults
Fault find accuracy:
Metric: 100mm
Imperial: 4
4.9 4kHz locate frequency and 4kHz CD
  • Designed for tracing higher impedance lines such as twisted pair telecoms or street lighting over distance
  • Combine with Current Direction to help trace the target utility through dense or complex infrastructure
Peak+ mode Use the accurate Peak bargraph, and add either proportional Guidance arrows for faster locating, or Null arrows to check for the presence of distortion
Integrated GPS option Faster surveying using integrated GPS – no need for a separate hand-held device


Option selection All options can be enabled or disabled on the locator or using the RD Manager PC software
Languages supported English, French, German, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Hungarian
Mains power network options 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Mode selection All locate modes with the exception of Peak Mode can be individually enabled or disabled
Active frequency selection All active frequencies available can be individually enabled or disabled
Passive mode selection All passive modes can be individually enabled or disabled
Strike Alert Enable / disable
Peak+ arrow selection
  • Guidance arrows or Null arrows
  • Selected using the locator menu or with a long press of the antenna key
GNSS (‘GPS’) settings Internal / External (connect over Bluetooth) / Off / Reset
SBAS On / Off
Bluetooth On / Off
Data export protocols supported PPP / choice of 3 ASCII formats. Optionally append positional data
Time / date setting Correct or update locator real-time clock using the RD Manager PC software or GNSS signals
CD Reset Reset CD phase analysis with a single long press of the frequency key
Wireless connections Bluetooth class 1
iLOC™ remote transmitter control range Metric: Up to 450m
Imperial: Up to 1400'
iLOC remote transmitter control functions
  • Set transmitter frequency
  • Set transmitter power output level
  • Transmitter standby
  • SideStep
Wired connections Mini-USB
  • Mini-USB: Connect to a PC to configure and update locator, and to retrieve usage log and survey measurement data
  • 3.5mm Stereo jack: Connect wired headphones
  • Accessory port: Connect Radiodetection accessories

Data capabilities and GNSS (‘GPS’)

On-board GNSS (‘GPS’) module option GNSS data automatically added to Survey Measurements every time locate data is saved, and every second on usage-logging data
Accurate to 3m CEP with SBAS enhancement available
Links to GPS, GLONASS and Galileo networks
Positional data enhancement systems (where available)
  • WAAS – North America
  • EGNOS – Europe
  • MSAS – Japan
  • SBAS (satellite based augmentation system)

SBAS can be enabled or disabled in locator menu

Link to external GNSS (‘GPS’) Over Bluetooth: Connect to an external GNSS enabled device to combine survey measurements with that device’s GNSS data on the external device
External GNSS position read-in to locator memory Over Bluetooth from compatible mobile device / PDA running the SurveyCert+™ app.
Connect to an external GNSS device to read positional positioning from that device and combine with the locator’s survey measurement data on board the locator
Survey measurement capacity Up to 1,000 data records
Survey measurement data captured
Standard data

Log #
Survey Reference
Antenna Mode
Current (mA)
Frequency in use (Hz)
Signal Strength (dBųV and %)
Signal Strength (%)
Gain Setting (dB)
Compass (deg)
Arrow readout
CD Phase (deg)
Accessory Type
Battery level
Overload Flag
Usage-Logging Units:
Date and Time

With Internal or External GNSS Fix

GPS Mode
GPS Date and Time
GPS Distance (m)
Latitude Angle (deg)
Latitude Direction
Longitude Angle (deg)
Longitude Direction
Satellites in use
Horizontal Dilution
Altitude Value (m)
Altitude Units
Geoid Value (m) and Units
Time Reference
GPS Mode
GPS Date and Time
GPS Distance (m)
Latitude Angle (deg)

Survey measurement export options Bluetooth – ‘live,’ per measurement
Bluetooth – batch export
USB – selectable / batch export
Bluetooth survey measurement data protocol options PPP
ASCII (choice of 3 formats)
Optional GPS data appended
Usage-logging memory 4 GB
Usage-logging capacity Over 500 days, measured at 8 hours use per day
Usage-logging capture rate 1/ second
Usage parameters logged
Serial number
Log reference and id
Operating mode
Locate frequency
Signal strength
Gain setting
Accessory in use
Antenna mode
Arrows readout
Compass angle
CD phase
Overload status
Dynamic Overload Protection
Keys pressed
Audio status
Menu in use
Battery status
User warnings status
StrikeAlert status
Bluetooth status
Fault find arrow
Sidestep status
Depth units
Power setting
Compass setting
CD reset status
Logging Units:
Date and time
With a GNSS fix:
GNSS mode
GNSS date and time
Horizontal Dilution
DGPS Time and ID
Geoid Units
GNSS fix
Number of satellites
Altitude units
Time reference
Power options
Alkaline battery options 2 x D-Cell (MN1300 / LR20) alkaline batteries (standard)
Rechargeable battery options Custom Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery pack
2 x D-Cell (MN1300 / LR20) Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries
Battery run-time (continuous) Li-Ion pack: 35 hours
2 x Alkaline D-Cells: 13 hours
Battery chemistry identification Lithium-Ion pack: Automatic sensing
NiMH / Alkaline: Software switchable
Charging options (Li-Ion pack) Mains charger: 100-250 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz
Automotive charger: 12-24V DC
Charging time (Li-Ion pack) 3 hours to 80% from empty with maintenance trickle charging thereafter
Physical Characteristics
Design Ergonomic, balanced and lightweight design for comfortable use during extended surveys
Construction Injection Molded ABS Plastic
Weight With Lithium-Ion battery pack fitted:
Metric: 1.8kg
Imperial: 4.0lb
With D-cell alkaline batteries fitted:
Metric: 1.9kg
Imperial: 4.2lb
Ingress Protection rating IP65
Display type High contrast custom made monochrome LCD
Audio options Built-in waterproofed speaker
3.5mm headphone socket
Operating temperature Metric: -20°C to 50°C
Imperial: -4°F to 122°F
Storage temperature Metric: -20°C to 70°C
Imperial: -4°F to 158°F
Unit dimensions Metric: 648 x 286 x 125 mm
Imperial: 25.5 x 11.3 x 4.9 In

RD Manager™ Supporting PC Software

Operating System Compatibility Microsoft® Windows® XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 32 and 64-bit versions
  • Locator configuration
  • eCert™ remote calibration certification
  • Factory calibration certificate retrieval
  • Usage-logging data collation and export
  • Survey measurements data collation and export
  • User account management
  • CALSafe™ maintenance schedule enforcement
  • Product registration for extended warranty
  • Locator software update
  • Contact Radiodetection
  • Book a service
Data export formats
  • .kml for Google® Maps
  • .csv for database and spreadsheet applications
  • .xls / .xlsx for Microsoft® Excel®
KML data export options Filter usage-logging and survey measurement points on Google® maps.
Select data to be tagged. Customize icon type / color, label type / color, line type / color
Certification and Compliance
  • Safety: EN 61010-1:2010
  • EMC
    • EN 61326-1:2013
    • EN 300 330-2 (V1.5.1)
    • EN 300 440-2 (V1.4.1)
    • EN 301 489-3 (V1.6.1)
    • EN 301 489-17 (V2.2.1)
  • Environmental
    • EN 60529 1992 A2 2013
    • EN 60068-2-64:2008 Test Fh
    • ESTI EN 300 019-2-2:1999 (per table 6)
    • EN 60068-2-27:2009 (Test Ea)
    • ESTI EN 300 019-2-2:1999 (per table 6)
European directives
  • R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC
  • Low Voltage Directive: 2006/95/EC
  • EMC Directive: 2004/108/EC
Radio FCC, IC
Environmental WEEE compliant
ROHS compliant
Manufacturing ISO 9001:2008

SPX RadioDetection RD8100 PDL Pipe Locator Specifications