Keysight Agilent E5071C-480 ENA Vector Network Analyzer

Sell used Keysight Agilent E5071C 100kHz-8.5GHz 4-port ENA RF Network Analyzer with options 480, 010, and 017. Unit has been tested and includes a 30 Day Warranty.

Condition: Used

Keysight’s E5071C ENA vector network analyzers deliver new standards in speed, accuracy and versatility for RF network analysis. Designed with a wide range of measurement capability to meet multiple network analysis needs, the ENA offers efficiency and flexibility for both manufacturing and R&D applications in industries such as wireless communication, automotive, semiconductor, and medical.

Keysight Agilent E5071C-480 Features

  • Wide frequency coverage: 9 kHz to 20 GHz
  • Low trace noise: < 0.004 dB rms at 70 kHz IFBW
  • Wide dynamic range: > 123 dB
  • Fast measurement speed: 9 msec for 401 points with error correction
  • High temperature stability: 0.005 dB/°C
  • 2 or 4 ports, plus flexible multiport configuration of up to 22 ports with E5092A
  • Built-in VBA programming environment enables high throughput and UI customization
  • Powerful analysis and error correction
  • Advanced characterization of mixers (such as the vector mixer calibration) and amplifiers with frequency offset mode (optional)
  • Advanced characterization of high-speed serial interconnects with enhanced time domain analysis (optional)
  • Upgrade are available at any time


Keysight Agilent E5071C-480 Specification

Test frequency 9 kHz to 8.5 GHz without bias tees
Source power range -55 dBm to +10 dBm
Dynamic range > 123 dB
Trace noise < 0.004 dBrms
Measurement speed 41 ms
Stability 0.005 dB/°C
Interface GPIB/LAN/USB
Test port 4-port
Maximum number of points 20,001
Maximum number of channels 160
Calibration SOLT, TRL, Adapter removal/insertion, Unknown thru, ECal, User characterized ECal, SMC, VMC
Web-enabled control Yes
Fixture simulator Yes
Built-in programming enviornment Yes
Future enhancements/upgradeable Yes
Filter tuning limit lines Yes
Built-in bias tees Yes
Probe power Yes
DC measurements Yes
Frequency offset mode option Yes
Time-domain option Yes

Options Installed:

  • 480 – 4-port Test Set, 100 kHz to 8.5 GHz without Bias Tees
  • 010 - Frequency Offset Mode
  • 017 – Removable hard disk drive


Enhanced Usability Increases Efficiency in R&D & Manufacturing
Providing the latest in modern technology, Keysight E5071C ENA vector network analyzer provide the performance and features needed in R&D and manufacturing for wide range of applications.

Enhanced Measurement Capability for a Variety of Applications
The Keysight E5071C ENA combines the highest RF performance with powerful analysis capabilities and automated test tools that increase test efficiency and yield.

Powerful analysis capabilities

  • Fixture simulator for:

            -    Mixed-mode S-parameter measurements
            -    Embedding and de-embedding
            -    Matching circuit simulation
            -    Port impedance conversion

  • Equation editor for real-time data processing
  • Time-domain analysis (optional)
  • Enhanced time domain analysis (optional)
  • Absolute value measurement
  • 75 Ω measurement with a minimum loss pad
  • Modeling devices with Keysight Advanced Design System (ADS) and IC-CAP
  • Dielectric and magnetic properties measurement with Keysight materials measurement software

State-of-art calibration techniques

  • Up to full 4-port SOLT, TRL, or unknown thru calibration
  • Automatic port extension
  • Adapter removal or insertion
  • ECal module with various connector types or user-characterized ECal for use with any adapter
  • Scalar mixer calibration and patented vector mixer calibration

Test automation tools

  • Easy-to-use built-in VBA programming environment for fast post data processing
  • Measurement Wizard Assistant (MWA) software for multiport measurement system (optional)
  • Pre-defined limit test functions for pass/fail testing in production

Accurate and Efficient Component Design and Verification Circuts
With a combination of speed, accuracy, and advanced functionality, the ENA provides powerful general-purpose network analysis. The ENA offers extensive measurement capabilities, analysis features, and post data processing capabilities for effective design characterization.

The ENA has real-time fixture simulation capability, which lets you specify components as they are used in actual circuits. Bundled VBA macros and analysis functions enable fast, easy post data processing. Measured data is easily shared with EDA tools, such as Keysight’s Advanced Design System (ADS). This enables you to quickly link measurement results back to your simulations to improve your designs and accelerate design verification.

Industry-leading RF performance
Design high-performance products with confidence.

  • State-of-the-art calibration techniques for the highest measurement accuracy
  • Automatic port extension for in-fixture devices
  • Fixture simulator for embedding or de-embedding user-defined circuits

Accelerate design verification
Simplify complicated measurement procedures and reduce your test program development time.

  • Free sample programs on the Keysight Web site
  • Equation editor for real-time data processing
  • Powerful connectivity with Windows OS; USB, LAN, GPIB, and a Web based remote user interface

Completely upgradeable at any time

Keep up with rapidly changing device requirements and parameters. Upgrade to current E5071C hardware or software options at any time

State-of-art calibration techniques
Design high-performance products with confidence.

  • State-of-the-art calibration techniques for the highest measurement accuracy
  • Automatic port extension for in-fixture devices
  • Fixture simulator for embedding or de-embedding user-defined circuits

Keysight Agilent E5071C-480 Brochure.PDF