GE Mentor EM Eddy Current Flaw Detector NDT

GE Inspection Mentor EM Eddy Current Flaw Detector Krautkramer NDT for sale in working good conditions.

Condition: Used

Sell used GE Mentor EM Eddy Current Portable Flaw Detector Krautkramer NDT. Tested and very good working condition. Includes GE Inspection Mentor EM Eddy Current Flaw Detector, Charger, Weld scan module installed, CD Software and Accessories, you will get what you see in the pictures.

The GE Mentor EM portable eddy current instrument allows easy access to on-device workflow applications that efficiently guide the inspector while capturing electromagnetic (eddy current) inspection data. Real-time collaboration with remote experts allows fast and accurate indication confirmation. No more stacks of paperwork or questionable inspection calls, just easy and efficient nondestructive testing for weld, aerospace (including rotary) and general purpose inspections.

Early detection of surface defects on metal parts is critical to avoid re-work or scrap costs. So, inspections must be carried out with the right flaw detector and probe. Eddy current inspection probe kits and the Mentor EM device ensu-re that inspectors of all levels have the complete toolset for fast, easy and reliable surface inspection.

With the Mentor EM or MiniDrive, you have access to leading eddy current technology that redefines electromagnetic testing. Using excellent signal-to-noise ratios and high-resolution displays, you can make every inspection faster, easier, and more reliable than ever before.

Innovative design
GE Mentor EM redefi nes eddy current inspection with its excellent signal-to-noise ratio and high-resolution display that’s easy to see in any light. It incorporates user designed application workfl ows, and onboard Wi-Fi capability so that inspectors of all levels can easily communicate with each other. Plus an off-the-shelf lithium-ion battery with battery energy content of less than 100Wh.

Instant Collaboration
Expertise at your fingertips. It’s not just about getting readings, it’s about getting accurate readings, every time, from every inspector. With Mentor EM, NDT experts connect wirelessly to inspectors in the field to review real-time inspection results and provide support. Inspectors can even share screens instantly and add notes or comments. Training is easy and inspectors can troubleshoot on the spot. No more hard copy service bulletins or chance of miscommunication. Everything they need will be right there in their hands—in real time.


  • Customize on-device workflow applications
  • Easily readable touchscreen display that works while wearing gloves
  • Instantly connect with other experts
  • Base your next steps on real-time readings
  • Immediately access your service bulletins
  • Easily download software upgrades
  • Probes for all inspections

Weld Solutions

  • Weld Dual Frequency
  • Weld Single Frequency
  • Weld Two Inputs & Two Probes
  • Automatic Gain Control for Painted Surfaces

Aerospace (Rotary & Conductivity) Solutions

  • View Timebase and Spot modes at the same time
  • Excellent signal-to-noise ratio
  • High torque for fastener hole scanning
  • Fully customizable
  • Automated Conductivity via Airframe OEM procedures for Lightning Strike

General Purpose NDT Solutions

  • Can be configured as single or dual input
  • Dual-frequency
  • Coating measurement
  • Absolute
  • Differential
  • Reflection
  • Up to 4 frequencies per channel, multiplexed of simultaneous injection



Display 10.4” XVGA 1024 x 768 Projected capacitive touch
Image Formats BMP, JPG
Video Formats MPEG 4, Type 10
Frequency Range 10 Hz–6 MHz
Sample Rate Max. 50 kHz
Receiver Gain 0–34 dB
Gain 0–120 dB in 0.1 dB steps
Gates Output 2 per channel
Alarm Outputs 2 total, TTL levels, one per input. One LED on instrument face, audio through Bluetooth (headset protocol)
Connectivity Wi-Fi; 6 Bluetooth channels
Storage 8 GB SSD
USB Ports USB On-The-Go (OTG)
Battery Lithium-ion, 62 watt-hours
90 minutes charge time
4 hours battery life
AC charger input 100–240 VAC, 47–63 Hz
DC charge input 12 VDC ± 5%, 72 W



  • GE Mentor EM Eddy Current unit
  • Probe Module with (2) Probe Inputs – (2) 12-pin lemo connectors
  • Operating Manual on CD
  • Transport Case
  • Battery
  • Charger and AC Cable


Mentor EM Rotary Inspection


Mentor EM Weldscan APP


Mentor EM Conductivity Measurement


Mentor EM Mix and Tubing Inspection


GE Mentor EM Eddy Current Flaw Detector NDT User's Manual.pdf
GE Mentor EM Eddy Current Flaw Detector NDT Brochure.pdf