SIUI SyncScan 2 Phased Array and TOFD Ultrasonic Flaw Detector NDT

SIUI SyncScan 2 Phased Array and TOFD Ultrasonic Flaw Detector NDT for sale. SIUI’s newly launched SyncScan 2, is a high-end ultrasonic flaw detector with 32:128PR PAUT and 2-ch TOFD, which can maximize your efficiency for PA and TOFD.

Condition: New


  • 8.4” LCD with resolution 800×600 pixels
  • Faster scan speed(Approximately 3 meters/minute).
  • Working temperature: -1 °C - 45 °C
  • Removable electric fan: cool down the system when it works in high temperature.
  • Support PA/TOFD/UT, suitable for weld, forging and plate inspection.
  • 32-channel PA is more suitable for inspection on extra-thick wall and high-attenuation material.
  • 32-channel PA and 2-channel TOFD work simultaneously, focusing on pressure vessel inspection.
  • Support PR mode, focusing on pipe corrosion inspection when with high-end dual-crystal PA probe.
  • System ports: encoder, VGA, standard SD card, USB 2.0/3.0

Technical Specifications:

  Conventional UT Phased Array TOFD


No. of Channel 2 32 2
Probe Connector LEMO 00, 4 pcs Tyco, 1 pc LEMO 00, 4 pcs
Max. Supporting Elements 4 128 4
PR (Pitch & Catch) Function N/A Available N/A
Pulser Negative square Bi-polar square Negative square
PRF Adjustable 10 - 2000Hz
Step 20Hz
100Hz - 10KHz
Step 100/200/500/1000Hz
Adjustable 10 - 2000Hz
Step 20Hz
Pulse Voltage 50V - 400V, min. step 1V 10-100V, step 10V/20V 50V - 400V, min. step 1V
Pulse Energy - 4 levels -
Pulse Width 30-1000ns, step 10ns 50-1000ns, step 10ns 30-1000ns, step 10ns
Damping 25/75/200/1000Ω, 4 levels - 25/75/200/1000Ω, 4 levels
Pulse Delay - 0-20µs, resolution 5ns -
Pulse Focusing - Single point focusing -


Gain 0-110dB, Step 0.5/2/6/12dB 0-80dB, Step 0.1/0.5/2/6/12dB 0-110dB, Step 0.5/2/6/12dB
Bandwidth 0.5-20MHz 9-3dB) 0.7-20MHz 9-3dB) 0.5-20MHz 9-3dB)
A/D Sampling Rate 170MHz/12bit 100MHz/12bit 170MHz/12bit
Sampling Point 1024, 16bit/point Adjustable 256/512/1024, 16bit/point 1024, 16bit/point
Rectification Positive/Negative/Full/RF Positive/Negative/Full/Filter/RF RF
Receiver Delay - 0-20µs, resolution 2.5 -
Receiver Focusing - Max. Range 1008 foci per scan line -
Filter 10 levels
14 levels
Band-pass 0.7-4/2.5-7/4-8.5/7-10/9-15/0.7-20Mhz
High-pass HPF2.5/HPF4.0/HPF7.0/HPF9.0
Low-pass LPF7.0LPF8.5/LPF10.0/LPF15.0
6 levels
Reject 0-80%, step 1% - -


Scan Type A A/S/L/C/D A/TOFD
Trigger Mode - Time-based/encoder Time-based/encoder
Scan Length - ≤4m/scan (default parameter, step 0.5mm) ≤50m/scan, 0.5/step
Focal Laws - 512 -
Scan Angle Range - -89°-+89°, step 1° -
Angle Spacing - 0.1°-5°, step 1° -
Line Average - - 4 levels, 1/2/4/8
Focus Position - 3-500mm, step 1mm -
Focal Mode   Depth, Sound Path  


Range 0-15000mm
Min. display range 5mm
0-1000mm, Min. step 0.01mm
Min. display range 3mm
0-15000mm, Min. step 0.1mm
Material Velocity 500-15000m/s, Min. step 1m/s 500-15000m/s, Min. step 1m/s 500-15000m/s, Min. step 1m/s
Display Delay -10-1000mm, Min. step 0.01mm 0-1000mm, Min. step 0.01mm -10-1000mm, Min. step 0.01mm
Probe Zero 0-200µs, Min. step 0.01µs - 0-200µs, Min. step 0.01µs
Probe Flank 0-100mm, step 0.01mm - 0-100mm, step 0.01mm
Wizard DAC, AVG/DGS, Angle calibration, Auto calibration (velocity, Zero), Plate, Weld, forging scan. Scan wizard velocity/delay/sesitivity/TCG calibration wizard Scan wizard, PCS Calculation, Probe Zero Calibration, Ultrasound Parameter, Time Window
Calibration Zero, Velocity, Angle Zero, Velocity, Delay, Sesitivity, TCG PCS, Wedge Delay, PCS/Depth, Time Window, Probe Zero
Test Point Selection Peak/ Flank/ J Flank/ G Flank
G Peak
Peak/ Flank/ J Flank/ G Flank
G Peak
Measurement Three gates: to measure echo amplitude, amplitude dB difference, sound path, Ra/Da Three gates for each A scan, Max. 18 gates: to measure echo amplitude, sound path, Ra/Da Flaw height and length mesurement.
Cursor: 2 cursors to measure horizontal and vertical position of B scan and distance between cursors (active when optional B scan function is available) Cursor: 2 cursors to measure horizontal and vertical position of B/C/D scan and distance between cursors on B/C/D scan.
Gate Mode Normal, Tracing Sound Path, Depth -
Gate Start Full range Full range -
Gate Width Full range Full range -
Gate Thresh 10'90%, step 1% 10'90%, step 1% -
Display Mode - A, B, C, D, A+B, B+C, B+D, A-B+C, A-B+D, 3A+B, A+B+C+D, A+B+R, A+B+C+R, A+[B], A+C, full screen -


Curve Function AVG/DGS & DAC: Max. 6 lines & 16 points for each line TCG & DAC: Max. 6 lines, Max. 16 points for each line -
Auxiliary Function Full screen, coordinate swtch (sound path/ depth/ horizontal), auto gain (single/ continuous), second leg color, wave compare, gate expansion, wave filling, peak envelope, auto freeze, Cineloop, screenshow, crack height measurement, API, AWS, UT probe spectrum analysis, TCG, B scan, flat weld groove. Auto gain: single/ continuous
Auto search: search the highest echo amplitude scan line within gate range in B scan. (available when in R view)
Group function: Max. 6 groups
Flat weld groove
C scan in-depth
Probe element testing
Alarm Signal Signal and sound alarm: positive/ negative Signal and sound alarm: positive/ negative -
Display Measure Value - 8 positions can be user-defined -
Data Analysis - Image mode switch, image gate dynamic reconstruction and report generation LW/BW straightening/ removal, contrast adjust, gain adjust, zoom


Time Base Linearity ≤ 0.5% - -
Vertical Linearity ≤ 3% - -
Amplitude Linearity ≤ ±2% - -
Attenuator Precision 20dB ± 1dB - -
Dynamic Range ≥ 32db    


Optional Software - Flat Weld Solution
Angle Weld Solution
Corrosion Solution
Pipe Girt Weld Solution
Simultaneous Display of PAUT and TOFD Software
1-ch TOFD
2-ch TOFD


General Specification

Display 8.4 inch TFT LCD
Resolution 800 x 600 pixels
Data Storage Standard SD card (16GB)
USB Connector 2 pcs
Ethernet Connector 1 pc
Video Output VGA port
Encoder Connector 1 pc (14-core)
Battery Lithium battery
Battery Capacity 7.5 Ah, operation time around 4  hours
Power Supply AC 100V - 240V 50Hz/60Hz
Adaptor Output 15V DC
Power 26VA for PAUT
20VA for UT/TOFD
Operation Temperature -10 C - 45 °C
Storage Temperature -20 C - 60 °C
IP Code IP65
Dimension 284 x x220 x 105 mm
Weight 4 kg with battery


  • SyncScan 2
  • PA Probes
  • Dual Matrix Array (DMA) Probes
  • TOFD Probes
  • UT Probes
  • Battery
  • Power Adapter
  • Case
  • Manual
  • CD