Digitrak Falcon F2 Locator HDD Horizontal Directional Drilling

Sell used Digitrak Falcon F2 Locator HDD Horizontal Directional Drilling

Condition: Used

Digitrak Falcon F2 Locator HDD Horizontal Directional Drilling Drill Head, tested and in good working condition. Has cosmetic wear (scuffs,scratches,marks etc.) from usage.

The Falcon wideband technology represents an important advancement in the detection of active interference at the jobsite. Falcon extends the performance range of the F2 receiver with a durable system that can be programmed to address the variability in jobsite interference.
In today’s competitive underground drilling landscape of deeper bores and more challenging jobsites, interference has emerged as one of the primary obstacles to completing HDD installations on time.
Interference varies from jobsite to jobsite, at different points within the same jobsite, and even with time of day. After extensive research and testing in some of the most challenging interference environments in the world, DCI concluded that selecting a transmitter frequency that sidesteps interference is far more effective at overcoming this obstacle than simply increasing power.

The Falcon approach involves dividing a wide range of frequencies into bands, then selecting the frequencies that are least susceptible to the interference in each band. Falcon F2 has nine bands that each use the best performing of hundreds of frequencies between 4.5 and 45 khz. Optimize one band for best performance on the majority of the bore and the other for a high-interference segment. The system is easy to learn and simple to use every day. By following a few easy steps at the beginning of each pilot bore, you will be ready to drill within minutes.

Competing systems define success in terms of depth and data range. Falcon technology also provides
tremendous range, but that isn’t what makes Falcon great. DCI defines success as enabling crews to
complete the largest number of jobs possible in the shortest periods of time. Falcon technology is designed
around that principle.

Includes :

  • Digitrak Falcon F2 Receiver
  • Pre-owned Digitrak Battery and charger
  • Pre-owned Aurora F8 Display Monitor
  • Aurora F8 Display Monitor power cable
  • Antenna
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Hard Shell Carrying Case


DIGITRAK FALCON F2 Directional Drilling Guidance System Operator's Manual