Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe

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Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe Inspect in high definition

More precise and efficient inspections are now possible with Waygate Technologies Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe. With a high-definition camera that unlocks the power of digital zoom, images have never been this clear. Mentor Visual iQ enables smaller indication recognition from further distances, increasing the Probability of Detection (POD) for indications such  as corrosion, blockages, and cracking.

Experience truly reliable remote visual inspections for the first time using the Mentor Visual iQ video borescope. The world’s first ruggedly portable, HD and 3D measurement-enabled video borescope system powers unparalleled advanced detection and in-the moment collaborative decision making thanks to Bluetooth and WiFi-enablement.

This versatile borescope inspection tool offers a wide selection of interchangeable probes and platform configurations to enable thorough visual inspections and improve Probability of Detection (POD) for high-value rotating equipment. A 200% brighter remote touchscreen controller and improved viewing angle range help detect even the smallest hidden faults.


Unbeatable clarity with TrueSight

  • Crystal clear live video and still images in high definition (HD)
  • Unlocks the power of digital zoom on device with new image processing system
  • Powerful processing for enhanced image brightness and daylight readability

Intuitive design

  • Portable, lightweight, rugged, and versatile
  • QuickChange™ high-resolution probes with optical tip adaptors
  • Integrated WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Touchscreen with gesture support and on-screen keyboard
  • Powered by high-capacity, rechargeable lithium ion batteries

Real3D measurement for confident decisions

  • Most advanced 3D capabilities for more precise measurement from increased distances
  • 3D Phase and Stereo Measurement with fully surfaced Point Cloud

Enhanced efficiency

  • Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) software that guides inspectors through the inspection process, intelligently names files and tags files, and creates inspection reports
  • On-device user manuals and context-based help links to master advanced features faster and eliminate cumbersome paper manuals
  • Specialty probes: LongSteer, working channel, UV light, and borescope adaptor

Leading the way with advanced digital inspection

With TrueSight, Mentor Visual iQ delivers HD visuals, a high-intensity light source, and superior visual processing, for clearer, sharper videos and still images right on your device. These images would have otherwise required multiple tip changes and significantly more time. The image quality allows for accurate measurement from increased distances, too—increasing potential measuremen surface area, POD, and reducing noise in the fully surfaced Point Cloud.



With HD-enabled digital zoom, you can hone in on even the tiniest indications midinspection. On-demand 3D Phase and Stereo Measurement and 3D Stitching, powered by Real3D, along with on-device workflows, data management, and assisted defect recognition provides you with the information needed to ensure the condition of the asset is captured and assessed using World Class technology all housed within the Mentor Visual iQ - helping you increase productivity and make the best possible decisions, faster.

Choose the Right Tool for Your Inspection Job
Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe is available in three customized platform configurations
to meet inspection needs across industries and applications

Mentor Visual iQ Inspect
Best in class image quality and
connectivity at a value price
Mentor Visual iQ Touch
Improve productivity with quick change
probes and touch screen
Mentor Visual iQ Analyze
Our most capable VideoProbe with 3D
Phase Measurement, extreme image
quality and greater Probability of Detection